Legic Connect: CoreWillSoft – Legic technological partnership

New year, new LegicConnect, new technology updates from the Swiss security technology market provider…

As a technology partner of Legic, CoreWillSoft is constantly looking for innovation in a security area that the company can apply in its products and services. This year, Legic introduced technology upgrades of particular interest as:

  • Legic Neon with Google Wallet
  • Apple Wallet use-case launch in the USA for a hotel chain
  • Secure Key management for MIFARE® Keys in the Orbit platform
  • High-precision Mobile credential with server-client changing roles between the mobile and the reader

In the discussions with our partners and customers CoreWillSoft promoted standards as OSS-SO and OSS-MA and the certification process with the OSS Organisation to improve the overall products compatibility in the industry.

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