OSS-SO Configurator

Introducing the OSS-SO Configurator – a premier White Label Configuration solution. Seamlessly manage Sites, Doors, Door Groups, and Devices while ensuring full OSS-SO standard compatibility.

Platform Availability

Universal Access: the OSS-SO Configurator provides efficient data
interchange between databases and locking mechanisms.

Key Features

1. Data Exchange Interfaces

2. Communication Options
with Electronic Locks

  • BLE
  • NFC
  • RFID Configuration Card
  • Unique Hardware need? Having 868MHz, USB or other way of connecting to your components?

3. Supported Card Technologies

4. Customization & Integration Flexibility
at Your Fingertips:

Group 28

Visual Style

Group 26


Group 27

SDK or API way to connect your devices

Group 26

Unique device

configuration parameters
Group 29

Legal Information as T&Cs,

Imprint, etc.

Our Proposition

For Engineering Teams

Utilize our SDK to craft your bespoke configuration software with our expert guidance

Turnkey Solution

Supply your brand data and technical specifications, and we’ll provide a fully operational, rigorously tested product

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