Our Service Approach

As CoreWillSoft is working with physical security solutions implying complex engineering lifecycle for creation of mechanic, mechatronic, electronic, firmware, and software, we defined a process how to deal with such a complexity.

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Team Work


When the customer is planning to lunch a new product, there are multiple hypotheses from sales, product and R&D departments how it should  look like and which traits it should accommodate. In the Workshop phase, CoreWillSoft is bringing its market-wide experience to challenge and  complement the product concept as a whole.


Business Analysis

The following Business Analysis is aimed to verify the most essential functionality of the product for the target customer group. Often it can  result in a variation of configurations or even different solutions for dedicated customer groups.

business analysis


Requirements phase exactly defines product parameters and matches them with technical and production possibilities according to the following  criteria


Minimal Viable Product or must-have





In this phase, the customer can already balance the product development costs and make a rough estimation of engineering complexity.


Proof of Concept

As soon as requirements are settled, Proof of Concept (PoC) phase follows in order to prove that designed requirements can function as  expected. For the pure software projects, this phase is optional.

mobile access control

Customer Decision

When having a PoC at hand, it is much easier to meet a decision or persuade your colleagues in order to proceed. In the Customer Decision ph ase, we align budget, legal issues, define deadlines and main milestones. In case the decision is negative, the customer has saved significant  product development costs and can use PoC either for trade fair demonstrations or for further generation of ideas inside the company.


Product Development

Product Development phase is an aligned development lifecycle combining hardware, firmware and software components. As we are working in  a high-security industry, we pay much attention to the security-driven approach and perform periodical security checks and standard compliance.  Development is done with iterations, where after each iteration we perform a product demo in order to align the expectations with the customer.  We set up delivery in a way, where customer can deploy the solution on his own, check its functionality and quality according to the provided  functional and test documentation. Each iteration is released to the internal or test stores.



For a final Release, certain preparations from both customer and CoreWillSoft side are required. These include marketing materials, legal  compliance and documentation for stores and certificate authorities, eventual penetration testing through third-party agencies. The phase is  complete as soon as official product launch takes place.



As each solution requires certain periodical Maintenance, this phase directly follows the release process. The customer can choose the options  he would like to be covered by CoreWillSoft: Service Level Agreement (SLA), keeping solutions up to date and secure by regularly revising  technical stack, security updates of the relevant components.


Further Enhancements

As successful products tend to evolve and customers start using them, new functionality requests emerge. Further Enhancements actually  replicate the process starting from Business Analysis to Release and can be gracefully combined with main product creation and maintenance agreements.

Certificates & Memberships

Certificates & Memberships

Our Services

We build secure electronic access control solutions comprising:

  • Scalable host systems
  • Mobile apps for
    • Access management
    • Visitor management
    • Secure hardware maintenance
    • Mobile credentials
  • Software tool chains for integrations as:
    • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    • Software Development Kits (SDKs)

We connect any physical security systems with each other to satisfy your business needs. We provide connections between:

  • Access control
  • Video management software
  • Intercom
  • Identity management
  • Credential management
  • Intrusion
  • Command control center software

Consulting services on various physical security topics:

  • RFID technologies
    • NFC
    • BLE
    • Card technologies as MIFARE® and Legic
    • Security architecture and encryption
  • Compliance with standards and protocols as OSS-SO, OSS-MA, PKOC / SCI
  • Technological and product support by tenders