Universal Importer

Plug-and-Play Integration Tool

Looking for a solution to synchronize your access control system with various providers and identity management systems?

Introducing the Universal Importer - a plug-and-play integration tool that allows you to easily import and manage personal data from a range of sources.

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Features & Capabilities

Importing and Synchronization

Personal data importing and synchronization with different source providers (LDAP, LDAPS, Active Directory, etc.)

Access Control

Checking access and personal data changes for access control system updates based on the source provider

Customization And Multiplatform

Extensive customization options with multiple settings and multiplatform solutions (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Effective Maintenance

Intuitive command-line interface and monitor for effective maintenance

Continuous Support

Supports adding new carriers, removing non-existent ones, blocking by properties, and keeping existing carrier’s data up to date with the source

Security AND Simplification

Eliminates manual sync human-factor issues and simplifies user data synchronization overhead

Supported Access Control Systems

Our solution seamlessly integrates with AEOS from Nedap Security Management, and we're always looking to expand our compatibility with other access control systems.

Contact us now to learn more and to make your access control system compatible with Universal Importer.

Use Cases - Supermarket Chain

Already in use by one of the largest supermarket chains in Europe in combination with AEOS access control from Nedap Security Management, this powerful tool is a proven solution for managing access for thousands of people.

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How It Works

What is the purpose of the Universal Importer tool?
Can the solution be used in identity management?
What types of data can be imported and synchronized using this tool?
Is this tool for ordinary or advanced users, as IT-administrators?
Can your company's proprietary access control and identity management system use this tool?

Purpose of the universal importer

The tool is designed to simplify the process of delivering personal data to the access control system and handle large data volumes, while also eliminating the need for manual synchronization.

Identity Management Usage

Yes, our solution uses LDAP (Lightweight Directory Application Protocol) and Secure LDAP (LDAPS) protocols and is compatible with systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Importing & Synchronization

Any data available in the database about an employee can be imported and synchronized, including first and last name, phone number, employee identification number, gender, department, etc.

For whom is the tool?

Once configured, the tool runs automatically and does not require further maintenance by users. However, an IT administrator with basic LDAP knowledge can make configuration changes as needed.


Absolutely. We can adapt the product to work with any system without exception. For more information

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The Universal Importer is highly adaptable and can be integrated into any access control system by request. 

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