CoreWillSoft Global Presence at Key Physical Security Events

Breaking New Ground: Charting the Course of Transformation in the Physical Security Industry 

We’re thrilled to announce that CoreWillSoft has had a profound presence at major global events in the physical security industry in September 2023. Our team engaged with industry leaders, customers, and partners in discussions that are shaping the future of the sector. 

GSX Dallas, USA 

At GSX (Global Security Exchange) held in Dallas, USA, CoreWillSoft was at the forefront of transformative discussions. Our focus was on our pioneering solutions: #TagKey universal mobile access, #Tagware RFID management platform, and seamless integrations for a cohesive physical security ecosystem. The insightful exchange with our customers and partners has only strengthened our commitment to develop solutions that are responsive to market needs. 

Legic Connect23, Zurich, Switzerland 

Legic Connect23 in Zurich was another key event. As a partner of Legic, we showcased TagKey’s capabilities to make mobile access universal across several parallel access control systems. Moreover, we demonstrated its seamless integration with the Legic Connect platform, emphasizing the importance of interoperability with key technologies in European market. 

ACS23, Washington DC 

Our CEO, Ivan Kravchenko, was invited to ACS23 in Washington DC to share insights on the topic, “Revolutionizing the Physical Access Control Industry: Exploring the Impact of Enterprise Software and New Channels.” Ivan discussed: 

The growing customer demand for IT-friendly software solutions 

The need for interoperability and system convergence in areas such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, intercoms, and identity management 

The importance of standardization in access solutions through protocols like OSDP, OSS-SO, and OSS-MA 

The Way Forward: Industry Revolution 

The physical security industry has long been confined to proprietary and isolated solutions. However, a significant market push is underway to break these barriers. CoreWillSoft’s mission is to lead this transformation by making security solutions IT-friendly, transparent, and interoperable across the globe. 

As we look towards the future, our dedication to this mission has never been stronger. We are excited to lead the industry through these disruptive changes and continue our journey in setting new standards for a safer world! 

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