Embracing Innovation and Interoperability: CoreWillSoft at the Digital Identity and Access Event

In the since last several years swiftly evolving landscape of access control, the Digital Identity and Access Event in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, organized by the OSS Association, emerged as a pivotal platform for industry innovators like CoreWillSoft to chart the future of secure access. 

OSS-SO: The Keystone of Access Control Interoperability
At the heart of the event was demonstration of OSS-SO compatible products as CoreWillSoft’s OSS-SO Configurator. This trailblazing white-label solution is designed to integrate electronic locks such as DOM and Garant by Hoffmann Group with electronic access management software. Receiving widespread acclaim from security integrators and OEMs, the OSS-SO Configurator was shown to effortlessly configure locks in the field using BLE and NFC. Multiple OEMs expressed their interest in adopting the solution for their internal configuration process. This practical demonstration also allowed attendees to experience first-hand the ease with which the NFCTagKit OSS-SO credential parser — CoreWillSoft’s own open solution — could verify credentials encoded by the standard. 


OSS-MA: Shaping the Mobile Access Landscape
As the mobile credential domain burgeons with diversity, CoreWillSoft’s involvement in the OSS Mobile Access (OSS-MA) evolution becomes crucial. With proprietary BLE, NFC, and online mobile credentials being propelled by original equipment manufacturers, whereas tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are pushing towards NFC wallets, the European market’s extensive use of offline electronic locks is in need of a standard that caters specifically to its demands.  CoreWillSoft’s role in working with the OSS Association to enhance the OSS-MA’s interoperability was emphatically acknowledged by the OEM community following a speech by Ivan Kravchenko, CEO of CoreWillSoft, on “The Future of Credential & Access Management for Business.” 


A Unified Call for OSS Standard Adoption
The event also witnessed a surge in end-customer interest in OSS standards adoption. Notable entities like LeasePlan and Rijkspas conveyed their intent to integrate these standards within their operations. This inclination towards open standards in access control is becoming increasingly prevalent among government bodies and enterprises, who are now actively setting specific requirements for secure key management for both offline components and online systems—a tune echoed during the event. 


In Conclusion:
The Digital Identity and Access Event has unequivocally positioned CoreWillSoft as a driver in the promotion and development of OSS standards. The company’s proactive approach and collaboration with the OSS Association and manufacturers are pivotal in shaping an industry that is secure, user-friendly, and future-ready. 

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