SicherheitsExpo Munich 2022

SicherheitsExpo in Munich welcomed our company with new, inspiring ideas and exchanges with industry experts.

CoreWillSoft created a list of the most relevant topics and dynamics in a physical security market in DACH and Benelux as of Summer 2022:

– FIDO2 standard is being actively adopted by both logical and physical access solution providers. It is also implemented on the big customer’s RFID cards, in most cases SmartMX, as an applet.

– VMS solution providers started to create marketplaces, sort of app-stores granting the possibility to developers to provide their apps, as e.g., APNR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) for the systems of different scales irrespective of the camera hardware.

– As end customers require more flexibility in the hardware and software selection for physical security, more and more OEMs start implementing their products as integration-ready hardware peaces, adhering to standards as OSDP, SSCP, OSS-SO.

CoreWillSoft had numerous productive discussions with RFID consultants, OEMs, card manufacturers, solutions providers, and system integrators about Tagware, a cloud-based and on-premise ready RFID business management platform, where multiple use cases for secure card encoding and updating emerged.

Special thanks to LEGIC and evolutionID GmbH for welcoming our CEO Ivan Kravchenko in Munich and for the strategic market exchange!

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