BHE Video & Access congress

BHE organized a spectacular event from 12th to 13th of May – a Video & Access congress.

The event was accompanied by a well-structured exhibition, where multiple manufacturers and integrators such as BKS, Salto, Sesamsec, Geutebrük, HikVision, Optex, Axis, Nedap nTp, and many others took part.

Participants could attend the lectures and presentations about the latest trends of controller and reader communication as OSDP, mobile access via NFC and BLE, including Apple Wallet insights. There have been case studies based on real banking and public structures plannings and installations of physical security technology, demonstrating the practical application with its challenges.

The highlight of the event has been Jay Tuck’s talk about artificial intelligence and the following discussion with security experts about AI application in CCTV and access control.

CoreWillSoft was thrilled to be a part of this congress in the person of its CEO, Ivan Kravchenko. The company could meet with its customers and partners, discuss its new RFID solutions as NFCTagKit and Tagware, and set up new relationships.

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