BHE access control committee meeting
BHE access control committee meeting

BHE access control committee meeting

BHE access control committee takes place twice a year. It assembles industry leaders: manufacturers, integrators, installers, and planners to exchange industry updates, standards and to establish transparent ways of the security products delivery to the end customer.

This time, the committee assembled in Fulda on 28.09.2022.

Here is the summary of the most relevant topics discussed:

IEC and DIN standard updates

  • The committee actively contributes to DIN EN 60839-11-x, Mobile Access and Digital Building Entrance.

OSDP standard extensions

  • The working group from BHE is striving to improve a reader-controller interoperability through OSDP by extending the existing regulations to signalization and addressing of the readers.

Biometry briefing

  • Roberto Creutziger from iCognize GmbH gave an overview of biometric technologies as fingerprints, 2D- and 3D-face recognition, iris, and palm vain detection.
  • One of the relevant innovation in this industry is a biometric template split. This is a possibility to divide a biometric template into two parts, whereby one of them is stored in a host system, and another one – on the RFID-card. In such a way, GDPR compliance is much easier to gain, as there is no coherent personal data stored in a single place. Another advantage is a possibility to save valuable space on RFID cards that can be used for other security applications.

Mobile Access

Ivan Kravchenko from CoreWillSoft GmbH and Carsten Hoersch from Sesamsec GmbH provided an overview of the Mobile Access technologies and moderated the discussions between the manufacturers.

Mobile Access comprises multiple topics that have to be considered by the manufacturer and by the end customer. These include:

  • The existing landscape of controllers, readers and locks already deployed in the market
  • Mobile credential combinations with RFID cards and biometry.
  • System topology, including hosting in the cloud or on-premise and credential delivery
  • Credential types as BLE, NFC, UWB, Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, online openings.
  • Existing standards as OSSMA by OSS-Association e.V., PKOC by PSIA.
  • Business models behind as one-time payments, subscriptions, transaction-based and combination of those.

The highest interest rose topic of using Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, as a possibility of the mobile devices to emulate MIFARE® DESFire®, HID Seos and Legic Neon cards and smoothly integrate into existing system installations.

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