BHE access committee meeting

In the last meeting of the Access Committee from BHE e.V., important topics related to access control in buildings were discussed. In particular, discussions on DKE, EN, and IEC standards as well as VdS were emphasized. Various norm projects were discussed, such as the DIN EN 60839-11-x standard and the draft standard for the mobile access area. Training sessions and conferences were also planned, including the seminar “Access and Entry Control” and the webinar series “Access Control.”

The Professional Association for Locks and Fittings Industry “Fachverband Schloss- und Beschlagindustrie (FVSB) e.V.” complemented the discussions with important information about the ETIM standard, which ensures the standardization of information about technological products for trade.

In the meeting, there was also a presentation on face recognition in connection with access control by the company Cognitec.

Overall, the Access Committee has taken important steps to further advance the norms and training related to access control. This is of great importance to ensure safe and efficient access control in buildings and to promote the optimization of trade with technological products.

The company CoreWillSoft actively contributes to the work of the Access Committee and brings its expertise to the discussions. It is a good example of collaboration between industry and experts to develop innovative solutions and standards in the field of access control.

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