BHE Video & Access congress

BHE organized a spectacular event from 12th to 13th of May – a Video & Access congress. The event was accompanied by a well-structured exhibition, where multiple manufacturers and integrators such as BKS, Salto, Sesamsec, Geutebrük, HikVision, Optex, Axis, Nedap nTp, and many others took part. Participants could attend the lectures and presentations about the […]

RFID iOS Demo-App release from CoreWillSoft!

Excellent example for businesses of how technically simple it is to use highly secured RFID tags (e.g,  MIFARE® DESFire® EV1/2/3), even on iOS.Since NFC API arrived on iOS, CoreWillSoft started to render it for its clients to increase usability within high-secured solutions. Welcome our demonstrative project, the very first tool in App Store with MIFARE® […]

Intersec 2022

This year started with a great Intersec 2022 exhibition in Dubai!Our CEO Ivan Kravchenko and CTO Aleksandr Kozlov visited the exhibition, and shared their feedback: As construction has a vast growth tempo in the Middle East region, there is a high demand for physical security and building automation solutions. OEMs and system integrators from all […]

AirTag in access control

AirTag in access control! We know how to make AirTag work with smart locks as a key!Let us share our proof of concept and ideas about it! First of all, what is AirTag? AirTag is a super-easy way to keep track of your belongings. Users can easily see the location of the attached tag in […]

SecurityExpo 2021

The CTO of CoreWillSoft Aleksandr Kozlov has recently visited SecurityExpo 2021 in Munich and brought interesting industry insights. The objective of the SecurityExpo is to demonstrate the safety and security technology that protects from internal and external criminal attacks. The trade fair is focused on: Building Security, Entrance Control, CCTV, Fire Prevention Perimeter Protection, IT- […]

BHE Access Control Committee Board members’ meeting

The CEO of CoreWillSoft Ivan Kravchenko visited BHE Access Control Committee Board members’ meeting on 29.09.2021. The committee discussed the most recent trends and topics in the industry as:  OSS-Mobile Access Open Supervised Device Protocol OSDP Digital door initiative Ultra-wideband usage for electronic access VdS standards and regulations related to electronic access Together with BHE […]