Lock system extensions

Lock system extensions for increased functionality

Lock system extensions

Additional functions for your access control system

The access control system is of central importance for the security of your corporate premises. It allows employees, customers and guests easy and hassle-free access, while reliably keeping unauthorized visitors away. The technology used for this has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Compared to traditional lock systems, modern systems improve security and ease of use and provide a wide range of additional functions. However, if your company has been using a traditional system, and you want to benefit from the advantages of a modern system, it is not necessary to replace all the components. As part of the door lock extension, we at CoreWillSoft offer you the opportunity to update your existing systems.

mobile smart building

Upgrade outdated systems to mobile access control systems

Making the most of your door security

At CoreWillSoft we can offer upgrades to your existing door locks, making the most of your existing investment in door security. By adapting the existing hardware, your traditional electronic door locks can be upgraded using modules that allow communication via BLE or RFID. Additionally, it is possible to integrate the locks into a central management system via the network in order to efficiently control all authorizations. We also develop comprehensive security concepts for the entire building and combine the lock system with other protective measures such as video surveillance or the intrusion alarm system.

High security and easy access thanks to modern access control systems

A modern access control system increases security and makes it easier for your employees and visitors to access a building

The smartphone is used as a mobile credential. Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow the use of different devices. If the smartphone is near the door, contact is made with the reader of the door lock.

In an app based access control system, the device sends a mobile key to the lock, which uniquely identifies the user and opens the door. Various techniques can be used for the transmission. Mobile access often takes place via Near Field Communication (NFC). Another option is Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE or BLE). This technology is characterized by a longer range and thus reduces effort. It is also possible to use radio frequency identification (RFID), the same technology that is also used for conventional transponderschip cards.

Mobile access control is convenient for users. Instead of carrying an additional object for authentication, they simply use their smartphone. This system also offers many advantages for the company. Having a centralized point of administration allows ease of use and more efficient management. Changes to authorizations, the integration of new employees or the removal of those who have left the company can be done quickly. In addition, it is possible to specify the security requirements for each door lock individually. For Goods-In, for example, where workers often do not have a free hand, it is a good idea to program the lock so that it opens when an authorized smartphone is nearby. On the other hand, for doors to areas with special security requirements you can also specify two-factor authentication – for example, in that the employee must also identify himself by entering a PIN or using a fingerprint scanner integrated into the device.



RFID is a technical system that can be used to read and store data without contact. The data does not have to be seen or touched, as it is transmitted exclusively via radio frequency identification. An RFID system usually consists of a transponder and an RFID reader.

Bluetooth is a special method of transmitting data via radio. This eliminates the need for a cable connection between two devices. Bluetooth can transmit any type of data, including music.

NFC or “Near Field Communication” is a contactless data transmission that makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The globally standardized frequency is 13.56 MHz. Transmission ranges of around five to ten centimeters are possible.

Optimize existing offline systems

A mobile access control system is not the only way to improve the security and convenience of your lock system. You can also optimize an existing offline system. For example, we take care of the management software which monitors and maintains the access control systems. We modernize and update your existing door locks, thus increasing security and ease of use, whilst reducing management, administration and maintenance costs. We improve the configuration of the individual elements and can thus enable communication with a host system or with mobile devices via the OSS-SO standard. The offline components can also use a mobile tunneling service or data exchange with RFID cards (so called Data-on-Card concept) to enable integration into the system.

Integrate the lock system into existing software

Modern lock systems allow interaction with other disparate software. For example, integration into the ERP system or into an electronic ordering system is possible. In this way, the hardware maintenance software can independently request all components that are necessary. In larger access control systems, the integration of the lock system also facilitates more efficient use of the rooms. At CoreWillSoft, we create individual integration solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of your company.

Systems for automatic access control may serve as well as a black box for business logic in completely different areas, for example, in a car rental company. When a customer rents a car, he automatically receives the authorization to access it. This ensures a smooth and customer-friendly process and can also reduce personnel costs. Similarly, you can use access control systems, for example, to allocate the free spaces on a campsite and for many other different business models.

Implement door lock system upgrades with CoreWillSoft

Excellence in Lock System Extensions

At CoreWillSoft we are experienced in creating new access control systems as well updating and expanding your existing systems. Therefore, we can present you with a variety of concepts for implementation. So you choose exactly the form which best suits your needs. During implementation, we always ensure that the systems meet all security requirements and also offer optimum ease of use.