High Security Solutions

Application security is important to avoid endangering your IT infrastructure. With our high security solutions you keep threats away.

High Security Solutions

Optimal protection for your applications

The market for commercial application software is huge. Many companies around the world control their production and business processes using applications. However, they are often unaware that the use of such applications can introduce a significant security risk. With our high security solutions we ensure secure applications.

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Application security

An indispensable part of your security concept

In the context of digitization, more and more companies are using software to control production systems and internal processes. These applications increase efficiency significantly but they can also introduce considerable security risks. In order to carry out their tasks, they need access to corporate data. If there are security gaps, attackers can modify the functions of the application and use them to manipulate, delete or spy on data.

Many applications have their own security vulnerabilities due to design flaws or implementation bugs and ever faster production cycles means that it is more difficult for developers to run all the necessary security tests. Furthermore, many businesses find it difficult to recruit and retain developers who have experience in the very applications upon which their business depends. These factors often result in application security being neglected.

Due to the numerous security gaps, hackers are increasingly choosing applications as the target for their attacks. This increases the dangers further. It is therefore essential to design a comprehensive security concept for all applications. High-security systems designed by CoreWillSoft guarantee data protection for your business.

Avoid security risks in various areas

Security risks when using applications can arise in many different areas

Each of them requires a very different approach. Only by coordinating the measures with the type of application is it possible to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Mobile application and network security

Applications transmit confidential data and have access to the company server. Application audits are necessary in providing high levels of security as is encrypted data transmission and traditional protection systems such as anti-virus programs and firewalls.

Cloud security

Using the cloud has many advantages in terms of security. The providers are responsible for protecting their servers and their clients’ data so are constantly reviewing the security of their data centers. When designing their applications, however, many users do not consider that they have to contribute to security within the cloud themselves – for example when managing and authorizing users.

Protection for IoT applications

The Internet of Things eases production processes, the implementation of smart building technology and many other tasks. However, these devices can also introduce their own security vulnerabilities. That is why a special concept for IoT security is indispensable.

Special protection for critical infrastructure: Water Authorities, energy suppliers and hospitals have an important task within society as a whole. They are therefore a very popular target. For this reason, even more comprehensive security measures are necessary for these industries.


RFID is a technical system that can be used to read and store data without contact. The data does not have to be seen or touched, as it is transmitted exclusively via radio frequency identification. An RFID system usually consists of a transponder and an RFID reader.

Bluetooth is a special method of transmitting data via radio. This eliminates the need for a cable connection between two devices. Bluetooth can transmit any type of data, including music.

NFC or “Near Field Communication” is a contactless data transmission that makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The globally standardized frequency is 13.56 MHz. Transmission ranges of around five to ten centimeters are possible.

Application security software design

Benefit from the best

At CoreWillSoft, we take software security very seriously when designing our applications. Our team includes recognized specialists in the field of cybersecurity, who pay attention to the implementation of security aspects right from the conception of the software. We also conduct extensive testing to discover and eliminate any vulnerabilities before use.

You benefit from the fact that we are not only active in the field of cybersecurity, but are vigilent with physical security. This concept ensures comprehensive protection for buildings and industrial plants. So our employees also develop integrated strategies for cyber-physical security.

We also implement the DevSecOps model. This extends the DevOps approach to include an aspect of security and therefore it ensures software that is both secure and user-friendly.

Advice on existing applications and the development of a security concept

At CoreWillSoft, we not only ensure a high level of security when developing new software products. We also take care of existing systems. We are happy to audit the applications that you use in your company to control risks. We also offer you comprehensive advice on how you can make your employees aware of how to use the software safely.

SECUSE: A concept for an optimal balance between security and ease of use

Excellence in security solutions

At CoreWillSoft we have developed our own concept for secure software design. We implement this in all our projects and thus ensure reliable protection. This approach is called SECUSE.

The aim of SECUSE is to combine high levels of security with optimal user-friendliness. It consists of teams with different roles that are responsible for either application development, security analysis or application testing. This contributes to the optimal quality of our software products.